Watch face settings

To customize the watch face:

1. Tap and hold on the watch display.
2. Tap the settings option ⚙️.



Setting up watch faces through the app on your Galaxy Wearable phone does not always work correctly. This is a third-party app from Samsung and has nothing directly to do with watch faces! This is a mistake in the Galaxy Wearable application itself and the watch faces developers cannot influence this application or the developers of this application in any way!


- Tap and hold on the watch display;
- Tap on the settings option⚙️;
- Swipe right (complications);
- Tap on the highlighted area;
- Select the complication you need from the list.


If you are setting up an application shortcut - FIRST CHOOSE THE ITEM FROM THE GENERAL LIST “ APPLICATION SHORTCUT ”
Select available shortcuts from the list that opens, otherwise, many icons will not be displayed on your watch if you choose a complication instead of a shortcut!

Recommend using the following applications for widgets and complications:

Calories, distance, floors and more:
Complication Box
Complications Suite
Toolset Complications
More weather forecast options:
Simple Weather
Phone battery charge:
Phone Battery Complication
Enable all sensor permissions after installation.
If you did not do this right away - just change the watch face and selecting this one again you will see a notification that you need to confirm.
The heart rate is measured automatically in live mode, once every 10 minutes, or in manual mode. Go to S-health settings to configure.

If the pulse does not work / shows 0:

Enable sensor permissions after installing the watch face.
(If you didn’t do this right away, just change the watch face and by selecting it again you will see a notification that you need to confirm)
If you want to use kilometers and use English, you need to select the English language of any other country except the USA or England - these countries use miles. For example English (Singapore).
To select a language, open your smartphone's settings - general - language.


- Your watch must be connected via Bluetooth to your phone to synchronize settings;
- It may take some time for the language to sync, please change the watch face or reboot your watch to speed up the process;
- S-Health settings do not affect the displayed distance information in any way.


Watch face displays information from the watch sensors, watch face itself does not generate any information. The watch face does not make any changes to system files, does not change any system settings and user settings, only displays information. Does not collect, transmit or receive any external data.
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